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Here we go!

Catacomb Column Concept Art and WIP by Rene Fisher

It has been an exciting, crazy three weeks for our team. After returning from our much needed break, we have really buckled down to make our game the best it can be.

We just finished our Preliminary Sprint and are going full swing on our current sprint. Our group of ten has branched off into the normal Programming Team and Art Team so that our sprints make sense. The programmers have already implemented a majority of our new mechanics into our game and the art team has been working hard on new character and asset concepts. Our team has created an entirely new level layout for our game that will have some amazing puzzles for players to solve. To say that the team is excited about the overhaul is an understatement.

We learned a lot from our Studio II class, and from our experience we have come back this quarter with more confidence, more drive, and knowledge that has helped this process tremendously. We grew from a group of mostly strangers to a great group of friends and a strong team. I can't wait to see the progress we make in Post Production and can't wait to submit our work to the E3 College Competition.

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