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Round 2 Completed

Play Testers

Today we held our second round of play testing. We arrived at noon to set up the computers for our play testers. We weren't sure how many people would come by to play, and eat free pizza, but we were very surprised with our turn out. It was even bigger than the first round!

We enjoy the play testing sessions for many reasons. We love to see the players reactions to our game, positive or negative. The players help us see what we need to work on to make the game better, which is vital to our success. We had some younger players come in and they completed to game at a record pace. They were both under 13! They gave us their advice on how to improve our game, and we loved it.

We have quite a list of adjustments to make to our game, and hope to work them all out by next week for another round of testing. We can't wait to get this game ready!

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