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Preparing for E3

Cadaver by Qwenn Parker

While the team is working hard on the game, we are preparing for the E3 College Game Competition. For the past two years our school has won the competition and we are hoping to represent SCAD this year.

The quarter is coming to a close and we are finalizng our work for the time being. We will continue working until our set deadline. The art team is finalizing work and textures for the models, the programmers are working on bug fixes, and we are getting our our voice work implemented. The game will be complete by March 11 for the end of quarter review. After that we will work until April 10th to ensure the work is polished and ready to go.

We are holding another play testing session today, complete with pizza! We will be working with testers for two hours to see how they like our adjustments from last week. The play testing sessions have been very successful and have helped improve our game greatly. Can't wait to hear the feedback!

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