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Welcome to the Grave Mistakes game blog. Grave Mistakes is a game being created by students attending The Savannah College of Art and Design. Our team has used Unreal Engine 4 to create Grave Mistakes, and the game was developed in our Studio II class. We are now finishing the game in our Post Production class, and are very excited to continue our work.

Grave Mistakes follows the journey of a lost soul who agrees to help Samedi the Cat across a graveyard filled with dark magic and strange creatures. The graveyard is controlled by The Baron, a god of death who controls all of the dead within the graveyard. Samedi hopes that the lost soul will be able to him help defeat The Baron and gain control of the graveyard.

The game is based on the mechanic of posession, whereby the player can possess any dead creatures, including human cadavers, dead toads, and bloated corpses. By possessing these bodies, the player can utilize the abilities the bodies contain. Toads shoot fire, cadavers can jump, and bloated bodies can roll and break barriers.

We will post updates of game progress, art, and more throughout the production!

Grave Mistakes Team

Setdressing by Madeleine Tate
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