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Game Testing and Glamour Shots

Concept Art of Samedi by Isabelle Boothe

What a crazy day! Today we held our first play testing session for Grave Mistakes. With a first test comes a lot of crazy bugs, and some of them were quite humorous.

We arrived an hour early to set up the systems and bring in pizza for the testers. We ended up having over 20 people come test our game. Unfortunately, we had a respawn bug that created quite an issue for some players. Despite the issue, everyone enjoyed the game, gave us great critiques, and helped us figure out how to improve our game! We also had our sound team and themed entertainment designer meet with us to discuss progress and goals.

After our crazy game testing session we all headed to meet with a photographer for some professional headshots. The team is definitely looking good! We will be posting about team members and their jobs after all editing is finished. Not that we need any!

Overall, we had a wonderful, successful day. Happy Friday!

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